Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Whole New Experience (Entry 1)

Hello Readers,

On December 30, 2009, I began a journey that would take me across the United States and eventually across the world. During this time, I was able to experience new food, new cultures, new political views, and make many new friends! During the time I was traveling, I kept a journal so I could share my experiences with you upon my return. I had the time of my life and will never forget this incredible experience! I hope you enjoy reading!

Day 1
Off to a great start… well, sort of.
1:30 (CST) am – Wake up.
2:30 (CST) am – Leave for the Tallahassee Regional Airport.
5:00 (EST) am – Arrive at the airport for a 6:20 flight that has been delayed until 7:42.
7:42 – Find that my flight has been delayed yet again.
9:17 – Find that my flight, with no plane and no crew, has been delayed indefinitely.

Because my flight has been delayed indefinitely, I am forced to rearrange my flight schedule for the day, and unfortunately for me, all flights into the two airports nearest to Pasadena are full. By this point I have to resort to plan… M. Plan M, thanks to an incredibly helpful Delta employee named Robert, includes me flying from Tallahassee to Atlanta, Atlanta to Salt Lake City, and from Salt Lake City to Ontario. (Not Canada. Apparently there is an Ontario, California.)From there I would take a bus into Pasadena. For a while, this plan seemed to be working out well. I was even upgraded to First-Class for my flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City. (I must say that I quite enjoy flying First-Class. Better food. Better service. And much better seats.) Unfortunately, my luck ran out when I arrived at the snow covered airport in Utah. You see, my flight to Ontario had been delayed because of weather which meant I would then miss my bus to the hotel in Pasadena. Thankfully, I met another helpful Delta employee who was able to squeeze me onto a flight to Los Angeles. Upon my arrival in LA, I was informed that somewhere in the conundrum of my day, Delta Airlines had misplaced my luggage, but they would be happy to bring it to my hotel when it was located. It was certainly a hectic day, but I decided that instead of being sour, I would consider myself lucky to have been in new airports, met new people, and have a hands-on lesson in making the most of my resources. And the day was just getting started…

After arriving safely (yet still luggage-less) in Pasadena, I was able to meet up with the other 50 state representatives to put the final touches on the FFA/RFD-TV float. The float was absolutely amazing! Every inch of the float surface had to be covered with natural organic products. There were flowers, plants, and produce in every size, shape, and color (including Florida oranges). Seeing the float and the excitement of everyone involved definitely made my stressful day worthwhile. By the way… my luggage finally arrived but not until 1:00 a.m.

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  1. Did you mention calling home in the middle of the night because you still had no luggage? LOVE YOU