Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Whole New Experience (Entry 6)

Day 6 (January 4)
Our last day in the United States was filled with training. Growing up in the small town of Chipley may have exposed me to many things, but foreign culture is not one of them. This is why it was so important to learn more about Chinese culture and Chinese agriculture before setting out across the Pacific. During our orientation, we studied the basics of table and conversational manners and of course, how to use chopsticks. Some things I was fascinated to learn were:

1.Squat Toilets (That’s right! Western style toilets are rare in China. These are literally a hole in the ground.)
2.Cigarette Usage (80% of the men in China smoke.)
3.Water quality (Because the nutrients in the water are drastically different than in the US, we could not drink the water. This also meant that we needed to brush our teeth with bottled water and stay away from ice in our drinks.)

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